Work in Progress:
FairSF is a coalition of neighbors and small business owners who have come together to bring a voice to issues that are underrepresented by City Hall and political leaning non profits, neighborhood organizations and PACs.

The Genesis:
The Hayes Valley Street Closure presented its founders (after hours of outreach, long in depth conversations and outright perplexed frustration with a foggy bureaucratic process) a unique opportunity to connect, share notes and build a bridge across like minded San Franciscans who are simply fed up with San Francisco’s civic process. The FairSF founding circle currently includes activists from Districts 1, 5, 6 and 8. We are actively looking to connect with community leaders and small business coalitions across all districts.

Please check back soon — more updates to follow soon.

If you have a question or an initiative that you would like to bring citywide awareness to please contact us.