last updated: February 18, 2024

The following petition supporters have elected to have their names displayed:

Stephen Albair, Hayes Valley
Richard Johnson, Hayes Valley
Sahar Milani, Mission
Peggy Baslow, Hayes Valley
Daphne Alden, Marina
Sean Lawson, Hayes Valley
Jorge Garcia, Hayes Valley
Cheryl Belansky, Outer Richmond
Victoire Reynal, Inner Sunset
John Kim, Hayes Valley
Thomas Joubert, Hayes Valley
Slav Fain, Western Addition
Stephen Martin-Pinto, Ingleside and Oceanview
Nick Podell, Pacific Heights
Reza Musavi, Hayes Valley
Miguel Lopez, Pacific Heights
Eileen Sullivan, Western Addition
Corey Urban, Inner Sunset
Erica Sandberg, Nob Hill
Hatun Noguer, West Portal
Zach Georgopoulos, Civic Center
Edward Zhang, Soma-South Beach
Alan Burradell, Castro
Hans Buehlm, Western Addition
Gabriell Gibbon, Civic Center
Ditka Reiner, Pacific Heights
Doug McKirah, Outer Richmond
Jennifer OLoughlin, Hayes Valley
Elisa Smith, Inner Sunset
Christopher Liljenstolpe, West Portal
Joe Rogers, Hayes Valley
Pamela Vincent, Outer Sunset
Judith Parks, Hayes Valley
Kim Russo, Outer Sunset
Paul Dohrmann, Hayes Valley
Ginger Pepper, Outer Sunset
Felicia Valmonte, Hayes Valley
Mark Tuttle, Outer Sunset
Kenneth Sarocky, Hayes Valley
Wojciech Kawalek, Outer Sunset
Nancy Quinn, Inner Sunset
Phyllis Love, Haight-Ashbury
Guler Ozgenc, Hayes Valley
Nancy Cascian, Hayes Valley
Kristina Runske, Hayes Valley
Susan Kim-Stuart, Western Addition
Wire Mold, Outer Sunset
Alexandria Buehlmann, Western Addition
Lynne Sloan, Hayes Valley
Laura Puccini, Outer Sunset
Maria Vengerova, Outer Sunset
Pamela Lee, Outer Sunset
Joan Vellut, Outer Sunset
Mei H, Hayes Valley
Kathy Crabe, Outer Sunset
Molly McArthur, Inner Sunset
Nancy Berger, Hayes Valley
Vera Genki, Outer Sunset
Vanessa Pacheco, Outer Richmond
Daniel Derdula, Hayes Valley
Fran Rubenstein, Pacific Heights
Carol Sheehy, Duboce Triangle
Chris Miller, Outer Sunset
Caitlin Connolly, Hayes Valley
Judi Gorski, Hayes Valley
Charles Knuffke, Lower Haight
Michael Regan, Ingleside and Oceanview
Celeste Arbuckle, Hayes Valley
Grant Ingram, Outer Richmond
Sophia Mua, Outer Sunset
Wesley Valaris, Outer Sunset
Chris Miller, Outer Sunset
Julie Minoff, Hayes Valley
Reza Musavi, Hayes Valley
Kenneth Epstein, Haight-Ashbury
Kevin Marin, Presidio and Laurel Heights
Karina Velasquez, Cow Hollow
Angela Tickler, Outer Richmond
Brian Inquist, Hayes Valley
Myron Roy, Hayes Valley
Kerry Jo Rizzo, Hayes Valley
Colton Weeks, Hayes Valley
Jan Diamond, Cow Hollow

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